The Root Cause of Disease

The Root Cause of Disease.  I’ll never forget the day I was hosting a workshop on heart health.  As you can imagine, this covers a host of topics.  During the workshop, I made it clear that I don’t treat any heart conditions.  On the other hand, my job is to support healthy heart function by finding the source of stress that caused the problem to begin with.  In fact, I use this approach when helping all of my patients.  As soon as I said that, a hand raised with the question, “what enzymes do you take for high blood pressure.”  Sadly, it seems my statement fell on deaf ears.

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The Root Cause of Disease.  Too often, health care providers treat the condition, or the symptom.  Sadly, this even includes natural health care providers.  As a result, too many people are taking “this for that”.  While that sounds reasonable, which is preferable, treating the symptom or the cause?

Before I continue, I need to clarify that I do not treat any diseases or condition.  And actually, I consider this an advantage.  In fact, let’s use high blood pressure as an example.  The common medical solution is water pills and blood thinners.  However, these medications merely manage the condition.

Continuing with our example, can you think of several things that could lead to high blood pressure?  Let’s brain-storm together.  For starters, there’s diet.  Eating too much salt, sugar and even other spices lead to high blood pressure.  But what about emotional stress?  Worrying about that deal, or that promotion, or not getting laid off during a “reorg” can all lead to high blood pressure.  In fact, here’s an odd one, what about physical stress.  How can physical stress cause high blood pressure?  Physical stress causes pain and/or inflammation.  Sadly, either can lead to high blood pressure.

Did You Catch My Hint?

I hinted at something here.  Did you pick up on it?  All three causes are forms of stress. In fact, stress is the root cause of every disease.  In fact, as I stated earlier, stress has three forms.  These forms are emotional, nutritional and physical.  Addressing the stress, and helping the stressed part of your body work properly can help you avoid many chronic diseases.  This includes high blood pressure.  After all, stress is the root cause of disease.

Finding the Source of Stress

Regardless of the source of stress, Redmond Ridge Nutrition and Chiropractic can help identify the sources of stress in your body.  We accomplish this through testing methods that are scientific in nature, and based on sound medical principles.  Then we carefully select the right combination treatments.  These treatments may include enzyme nutrition, rehabilitative exercises, massage therapy and/or traditional or low force chiropractic care.  In fact, we may even help you with emotional stress with affirmations or a referral to a qualified provider.

Once again, I need to clarify that none of these treatments diagnose or treat disease.  Instead, we are dedicated to finding the source(s) of stress with pinpoint accuracy and helping those parts work properly with the right support.

Stress, The Root Cause of Disease

Have you visited doctor after doctor in search of answers to your suffering?  Are you sick and tired of the revolving door of medical treatment?  Perhaps you’re tired of being processed through the health care system like an object on a conveyor belt.  If so, don’t wait.  In fact, you can contact us one of several ways to set up a consultation. You can reach us on the web, stop by our office in Redmond, WA, or call us at 425-868-0120. Then I will personally sit down with you and talk about your suffering and how it affects your life.  Together, we can determine if you are a good candidate for care. If you’re not, I’ll make every effort to provide the proper referral.


After many years of clinical practice, Dr. Marrone has forged a remarkable career as a practitioner, educator and lecturer.  His extensive knowledge of functional enzyme nutrition has made him a much sought after practitioner.  If you are suffering from health problems that nobody seems to have the answer to or are sick and tired of the revolving door approach of modern medicine, give Dr. Marrone a call to set up a consultation.

The Root Cause of Disease
The Root Cause of Disease