Women’s Hormones & Enzymes

Women’s Hormones & Enzymes

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balanced women's hormones
balanced women’s hormones

America is becoming more health conscious than ever.  One of the fastest growing natural health fields is Women’s health.  For this, women’s hormones are a key component.  Women are flocking to natural progesterone creams, DHEA,  hormone replacement and other natural remedies.  Why? To manage menstrual and pre-menstrual symptoms.  Many older women also use these products to manage their menopause symptoms.  These products have two fundamental problems.  They are either ineffective or have a variety of severe side effects.

The problem boils down to one thing: hormone production.  Hormones are essential chemicals composed of fats and proteins.  Furthermore, your body’s ability to make hormones requires a healthy supply of two key foods.  What are they? Fats and proteins.  Where do they come from?  Your diet.

So what happens if your body can not make the right balance of hormones? You can  suffer from some serious health problems.  These include depression, extreme fatigue, allergies, endometriosis, hair loss, facial hair, PMS, osteoporosis and many others. . Unfortunately the symptoms are often ignored in the initial stages.  Because of this they typically worsen as time goes by.

There are many causes for the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.  One basic problem may be an imbalance between progesterone and estrogen.  Another possibility is the balance of calcium and potassium. A woman’s cycle is based on two key components.  They are her hormones and her nervous system.  Both of these require proper nutrition.

Proteins and Fatty Acids are essential for healthy hormone production.  Conversely, the nervous system relies on calcium and potassium for healthy function. The other overlooked piece is enzymes.  They play a crucial role in the digestion of the diet and the absorption of these nutrients to maintain health nervous & hormonal function.  They also are vital to the production of hormones.

Women’s Hormones & Diet

So you eat well.  You also get the required amounts of fats and proteins in your diet.  You should be just fine, right?  Perhaps.  The digestion of fats and proteins require enzymes.  As you age, your ability to make enzymes declines.  In fact, your ability to produce enzymes reduces 70% by the time you reach age 40.

Proper enzyme nutrition can promote healthy digestion and absorption of fats and proteins.  This can provide your body with the essential nutrients necessary to support healthy hormone production.

If this interests you, be sure to see a doctor who received specialized training in Enzyme Nutrition.  Andy Marrone, D.C. is a certified enzyme nutrition specialist.  You can contact him one of several ways to set up a consultation. You can reach us on the web, stop by our office in Redmond, WA, or call us at 425-868-0120. Then I will personally sit down with you and talk about your suffering and how it affects your life. I will even do some preliminary testing as well as Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA). In fact did you know that both NASA and Cancer Treatment Centers of America rely on BIA? These tests help me determine if you are a good candidate for care. If you’re not, we’ll make every effort to provide the proper referral.