DAWC 029 Unhealthy American Diet

Unhealthy American Diet

Unhealthy American Diet
Many of our health problems are due to the Unhealthy American Diet.

Unhealthy American Diet, AKA S.A.D. – The Standard American Diet.  In this breakthrough episode of Dr. Andy’s Wellness corner, your host, Dr. Andy goes to great lengths to explain the challenges of eating healthy in America.  In fact, he attempts to explain in great detail all of the reasons it’s so difficult.

Furthermore, Dr. Andy goes through several key topics.  The first of all is the fact that the FDA allows food companies to regulate themselves.  This allows food companies to deceive consumers by hiding harmful ingredients.  He then goes into the key differences between fortified and enriched foods.  Furthermore, he explains that even these foods, while nutritionally enhanced, is still void of the vital enzymes necessary to process them.  He then gets into how even the livestock and fresh vegetables you eat today are far less nutritious than in days of past.  And, of course he backs all of this up with research.

As the show continues, Dr. Andy outlines some key steps you can take get more nutrition from your food.  After that Dr. Andy provides invaluable advice about how to tackle your grocery shopping.   Specifically what to buy, and what to avoid.  In fact it even boils down to what geographic locations to visit and avoid.  As a matter of fact his advice is useful, practical and doable by any family on just about any budget.

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This episode originally aired on 01/12/2017.