DAWC 034 Heart Disease Cardiovascular Disease

Heart Disease Cardiovascular Disease

Heart Disease Cardiovascular Disease
Everything about Heart Disease Cardiovascular Disease

Heart Disease Cardiovascular Disease.  In this episode of Dr. Andy’s Wellness Corner, Dr. Andy delves into one of the nation’s top killers.  Of course, that’s heart and cardiovascular disease.  In fact, Dr. Andy starts by defining these diseases.  He then goes into its prevalence both nationwide and in Washington state.  Additionally this also includes projections from the CDC as to where this disease is headed by 2030.

After an overview of some basic anatomy, Dr. Andy defines cardiovascular disease.  Understanding the anatomy is necessary to understand the nature of blood vessel problems.  This includes risk factors, common causes, and common treatments.  And of course, Dr. Andy goes into the common natural approaches to heart and vascular health as well as the enzyme nutrition approach.

Perhaps the most important thing Dr. Andy covers in this airing is the cholesterol myth.  Dr. Andy sites several large research projects that show there is no relationship between high cholesterol and heart disease.  In fact low cholesterol can cause some serious health hazards including cancer and a shorter life span according to some brand new research.  Of course Dr. Andy talks about the real problem, and why some health experts blame cholesterol.  Then Dr. Andy exposes the truth about how experts measure cholesterol, why it’s inaccurate, and how scientists make false assumptions to measure it.

Lastly, Dr. Andy explains how certain forms of heart disease can lead to heart failure.  Once that occurs he reveals the common necessary medical approach.  If you or a loved one suffers from heart disease, this is a must listen episode!

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This episode originally aired on 02/16/2017.