Obesity is Increasing World-Wide, NEJM

Obesity is increasing worldwide.  According to CNN Health, obesity has doubled since 1980 in 73 countries.  As the SAD (Standard American Diet) spreads throughout the world, this comes as no surprise.

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While obesity is gaining traction world-wide, can you guess who the leader is?  That’s right, it’s the United States.  In fact, the U.S. has been leading the way to obesity for decades.  As more and more countries adapt the American lifestyle, including poor diet, over 1/3 of the entire planet is overweight.

The new study attributes the cause of this growing epidemic to urbanization, poor diets and reduced physical activity.  In other words, the “modern lifestyle” is to blame.  And just why is that so important?  Obesity is the number one cause of our nation’s leading killers.  As obesity spreads, so will the deadly chronic diseases it causes. Of course the number one disease is cardiovascular disease.

The study comes from the New England Journal of Medicine.

While obesity levels have risen in all countries, income level does not seem to play a role.  This means the issue does not simply boil down to wealth.
“Changes in the food environment and food systems are probably major drivers,” they write. “Increased availability, accessibility, and affordability of energy dense foods, along with intense marketing of such foods, could explain excess energy intake and weight gain among different populations.”

If you need Help

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Obesity increasing world-wide
Obesity is now a world-wide problem