Alzheimer’s Disease, Mediterranean Diet

Alzheimer’s Disease, Mediterranean diet.  As you read this article, experts are presenting new research to the Alzheimer’s Association International conference.  The meeting takes place in London.  In a nutshell, experts found that found healthy older adults who followed the Mediterranean lowered their risk of dementia by a third.  The same was true for those who followed a similar MIND diet.

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Alzheimer’s Disease, Mediterranean diet.  According to the lead author, eating a healthy plant-based diet improves your ability to think.  This improvement lowers your risk of thinking diseases by up to 35%.  This information comes from the lead author, Claire McEvoy.  The research comes from the University of California.  Specifically, it originates from Francisco’s school of Medicine.  Because the study was nationwide, and focused on an older population, the findings apply to the general public.

“While 35% is a greater than expected decrease for a lifestyle choice, I am not surprised,” said Rudolph Tanzi.  Rudolph directs the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Rudolph also recently co-authored a book with Deepak Chopra on genes and aging.  In addition, “the activity of our genes is highly dependent on four main factors: diet, exercise, sleep and stress management,” said Tanzi.  “Of these, perhaps diet is most important.”

In Summary

The study investigated the diets of approximately 6,000 older Americans with an average age of 65.   In fact, researchers found that those who followed the MIND or Mediterranean diet had between a 30% to 35% lower risk of brain impairment.  Furthermore, the more people stayed on those diets, the better their brain function was.

Fuel AND a Spark

Of course, giving your body the best vital nutrients isn’t enough.  Your body also has to be able to use those precious vitamins and minerals.  This is where enzymes come in.  Sadly, as you age, your body’s ability to produce enzymes declines.  In fact, by age forty, your enzyme production goes down by around 70%.  If you think of food as fuel for your fuel tank, you can think of enzymes as a spark from your spark plug.  The best fuel in the world does no good without a spark and Vis. Versa.  This is why I specialize in Enzyme Nutrition.  The right enzyme supplements can help vital nutrition get passed an aged digestive system. Furthermore, the right enzymes can help aging organs and systems use those crucial nutrients.

We can Help

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Alzheimer's Disease and Diet
Alzheimer’s Disease and the MIND diet