Real Health Goals – A Case Study

Real Health Goals – A Case Study.  Perhaps the most difficult part of a consultation is educating the potential patient on how to set real health goals.  This is challenging because our society places so much emphasis on symptom relief or an inaccurate outcome rather than the cause of the problem…

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Real Health Goals: A couple of months ago a patient came into my office concerned about their weight.  This patient stated they’ve always looked and felt great in the past.  However, as they aged they kept “putting on weight” and “tried everything to lose it.”  Sadly, they also reported nothing has worked so far.

The Consult

Well, this was my first challenge.  You see the first thing I had to do was teach this patient the difference between weight and body composition.  You see two people can have the same height and weight, which means their Body Mass Index (BMI) is the same.  However, one of those people is fit and the other has too much body fat.

After a long discussion, I felt I was successful in re-educating the potential patient.  In fact, they signed up for a program including enzyme nutrition, dietary changes and an exercise program.  After a about a month, the patient came back to me complaining they hadn’t lost a pound, and they were very disappointed.  I guess I failed to educate them after all.  So what in the world did I do?

Looking at the Real Numbers…

I performed a new BIO Impedance Analysis Test (BIA) and measured their waist.  In reality, they had lost 2″ off their waste, and according to the BIA, their muscle mass had increased and their body fat had decreased.  In fact both had changed about 14%.  BIA is an electronic device that measures many aspects of your health including muscle mass, bone mass and fat mass, just to name a few.

After taking these measurements, the patient did state that others complimented this patient on their figure. Additionally, they felt better and had more energy.  In fact, they just kept looking at a number on the scale they felt discouraged.   In a very understanding way, I asked them to switch their focus to a new set of numbers: waist size, percent body fat and percent muscle mass.  They were totally OK with that and have been a  great patient ever since.

Would you like to know more?

Do you have health issues?  Would you like someone to help you identify and address the real source of stress?  Does this sound better than treating symptoms or using the wrong outcome measurements?  If so, contact us and set up a consultation or call us at 425-868-0120.  I will personally sit down with you and talk about your suffering and how it affects your life.  I will even do some preliminary testing as well as Bio Impedance Analysis, which is trusted by both NASA and Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  This will help me determine if you are a good candidate for care.  If you’re not, we’ll make every effort to provide the proper referral.


After many years of clinical practice, Dr. Marrone has forged a remarkable career as a practitioner, educator and lecturer.  His extensive knowledge of functional enzyme nutrition has made him a much sought-after practitioner.  If you are suffering from health problems that nobody seems to have the answer to, or are sick and tired of the revolving door approach of modern medicine, give Dr. Marrone a call to set up a consultation.

Real Health Goals
Real Health Goals – Both of these people weigh the same and have the same BMI