Kidney Stones on the Rise in the U.S.

Kidney Stones on the Rise in the U.S.  According to the Mayo Clinic (02/12/2018), more and more Americans suffer from kidney stones each year.  In fact, doctors performed over 80 million CT scans in the US in 2016 to confirm kidney stones, compared to 2.7 million in 1995.

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Kidney Stones.  The study concluded that kidney stones increased more than fourfold among women and more than twofold among men, it found.  In fact, young women between 18 and 39 had the highest increase in cases, jumping from 62 to 252 cases between 1984 and 2012.  Sadly, diet and water intake are the apparent root cause.  In fact, Dr. John Lieske, a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, was a lead author of the study.   He found that “Too much calcium in the urine is certainly a factor in many of these patients but not all of them, and then there’s other things that come into play related to diet and not drinking enough fluids.”

One has to wonder if all of the calcium supplements are taking their toll on America’s health.  In fact, most calcium deficiencies are actually a protein problem or a problem properly digesting and using protein.  Most kidney stones consist of calcium salts, often calcium oxalate or calcium phosphate. The incidence of both types of stones increased over the past three decades, according to the study. Calcium oxalate accounted for nearly 75% of all the kidney stones.

Hydration and Kidney Stones

Hydration and controlling your salt intake are the biggest steps to prevention.   They may help prevent most types of kidney stones. According to the Mayo Clinic, drinking as much as 2 to 3 quarts of water per day can even help remove small stones.  The water essentially flushes out the urinary system.  However, “Nothing, nothing, trumps fluids,” Clayman said. “If you’re drinking 3 quarts a day and making 2½ quarts of urine a day, that’s the best way you can protect or defend either against getting kidney stones or, if you’ve had them, defend against getting them again.”

Enzymes and Kidney Stones

Do you know what breaks down calcium oxalate, calcium salts and/or calcium phosphate?  The answer is enzymes.  In fact, the type of enzyme your body uses to break down stones are lithotriptic enzymes.  Essentially, litho means stone and tryptic means carving or cutting.  In fact, I carry lithotriptic enzyme supplements to support your body’s ability to break down kidney stones.  Why?  Because kidney stones can be intensely painful.  In fact, kidney stones in men are often called male child birth.  Additionally, if you suffer from low back pain this may also be a sign of kidney stones or other kidney problems.

Are you concerned about your kidney health?  Are you looking for a safe and natural approach to healthy kidney function?  If so, contact us and set up a consultation or call us at 425-868-0120.  I will personally sit down with you and talk about your suffering and how it affects your life.  I will even do some preliminary testing as well as Bio Impedance Analysis, which is trusted by both NASA and Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  This will help me determine if you are a good candidate for care.  If you’re not, we’ll make every effort to provide the proper referral.


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Kidney Stones
Kidney Stones