The Human Papillomavirus Vaccine, effectiveness and risks

The Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (HPV): effectiveness and risks.  Over the years big pharma seems to develop more and more vaccines.  In fact, one recent vaccine is the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine.  However, however, before seeking these treatments, one must look at their risks and effectiveness.

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Human Papillomavirus Vaccine, effectiveness and risks

According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common symptom of an HPV infection is warts. However, certain types of HPV infection cause cervical cancers.  Furthermore, over 100 varieties of human papillomavirus exist.  In fact, different types of HPV infections actually cause warts on different parts of your body. For example, some types of HPV infection cause warts on the feet, while others cause warts that mostly appear on the face or neck.

While most HPV infections don’t lead to cancer.  Some types of genital HPV can cause cancer of the lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina (cervix). However, there may be a link between the HPV virus and other types of cancers.  These include cancers of the anus, penis, vagina, vulva and back of the throat.

It’s important to remember that HPV only effects about 2% of the population, according to the CDC.  Furthermore, an even smaller percentage of those cases lead to cancer.  The CDC also adds that “In most cases, HPV goes away on its own and does not cause any health problems.”  So, the question arises, what about the vaccine?

The HPV Vaccine

According to the British Medical Journal, the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine is about 21% effective.  The vaccine is actually called 9-Valent.  According to, side effects include headache, anxiety, back, leg, or stomach pains, bleeding gums, chest pain, chills, cough, difficulty with breathing, difficulty with swallowing, fast heartbeat, general body swelling, hives, vomiting, seizures, painful breathing and joint pain. There are actually even more. In fact, I’ve only listed a fraction of the side effects. Actually, there are 45 side effects in all.  On the up side, however, 9-Valent does not contain mercury or thimerosal.  Wow, a vaccine with no mercury!  In fact, mark your calendar because that doesn’t happen very often.

Should You Get the Vaccine?

To be honest, I can’t advise you on whether or not you should get the vaccine.  Keep in mind it is about 21% effective.  As a result, if it were me, I probably wouldn’t even consider the vaccine until the effectiveness increased.  Disclaimer: that does not constitute advice.  When any treatment, and I do mean any treatment you should weigh the risks and the benefits.  If the benefits outweigh the risks, it may be a good idea.  Otherwise, you may want to avoid it.

Are There Alternatives?

There really is no “replacement” for the HPV vaccine.  However, remember that most of the time, HPV is harmless and will go away on its own.   While I don’t treat or prevent HPV, enzyme nutrition can help support a properly working immune system.  If your immune system works like it should, the likelihood of getting HPV goes way down.

 Are you concerned about healthy immune system function?  If so, contact us and set up a consultation or call us at 425-868-0120.  I will personally sit down with you and talk about your suffering and how it affects your life.  I will even do some preliminary testing as well as Bio Impedance Analysis, which is trusted by both NASA and Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  This will help me determine if you are a good candidate for care.  If you’re not, we’ll make every effort to provide the proper referral.


After many years of clinical practice, Dr. Marrone has forged a remarkable career as a practitioner, educator and lecturer.  His extensive knowledge of functional enzyme nutrition has made him a much sought-after practitioner.  If you are suffering from health problems that nobody seems to have the answer to, or are sick and tired of the revolving door approach of modern medicine, give Dr. Marrone a call to set up a consultation.

Human Papillomavirus Vaccine
The Human Papillomavirus Vaccine, effectiveness and risks