DAWC 058 New Vaccines Opioid Kickbacks and Protein Powder

DAWC 058 New Vaccines Opioid Kickbacks and Protein Powder

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DAWC 058 New Vaccines Opioid Kickbacks and Protein Powder

In this episode of Dr. Andy’s Wellness Corner, your host covers a variety of topics.  First, Dr. Andy starts with the pros and cons some new vaccines.  In fact, these include the shingles vaccine and the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV vaccine).   While he can’t give you advice, Dr. Andy goes over the effectiveness, advantages and side-effects of both vaccines.  For your own follow-up, he references some web sites so you can do your own research and make your own decisions regarding these new vaccines.

Next, Dr. Andy uncovers some very disturbing news about the opioid epidemic in America.  In fact, he uncovers how doctors who prescribe the most opioids make the most money from opioid manufacturers.  He also discusses how and why opioids are addictive, and why withdrawal  is so painful and difficult.

Did you know that chicken soup may actually help when you have a cold.

Lastly, Dr. Andy discusses the pros and cons of protein powder.  In fact, should you use protein powder.  Also, which one is right for you.  Additionally, are there things you should look for or avoid in a protein powder?

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New Vaccines
New Vaccines


This episode originally aired on 03/12/2018