Food Companies Hiding Corn Sugar

Food Companies Hiding Corn Sugar

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Food Companies Hiding Corn Sugar
Food Companies Hiding Corn Sugar

That’s right; food companies hiding corn sugar in your food.  So you’ve done all this work to get your entire family off of simple sugars.  You have even eliminated the number one simple sugar in America, corn syrup.  Unfortunately, you may not have eliminated it.  Why?  Because food companies are hiding corn syrup in your food.

The Corn Syrup Ruse

As America grows more and more health conscious, they are beginning to understand the dangers of simple sugars – especially corn syrup.    So what exactly are food companies doing in response?  They are renaming this toxic ingredient to “fructose”, or “fructose syrup”.  And what is it really?  It’s a sweetener containing more than double the amount of corn sugar.   These deceitful companies are even putting this high-sugar sweetener in “light” and “health food” products.  They are basically trying to disguise this deadly sugar as something you would find naturally in fruits.  Meanwhile they have the gall to advertise them with the words “contains no high fructose corn syrup.”

Why are they doing this?

Remember corn sugar is much cheaper than regular sugar.  It also extends the shelf life of processed products.  Unfortunately, it has also been linked to many health problems such as heart disease, obesity, dementia, diabetes, cancer and liver failure. For this reason, many consumers now check food labels and steer away from foods containing corn syrup.

How do Food Companies get away with this?

Due to budget reasons and long product review times, the FDA decided in 1997 that food companies could review their own products.  They further allowed food companies to determine if their own products were safe or not. This system legally enables food companies to put profits above safety.

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