DAWC 017 Food Safety Epidemics

Food Safety Epidemics

Food Safety Epidemics
Uncover Food Safety Epidemics

Food Safety Epidemics.  The safety of your food is the topic of discussion in this episode of Dr. Andy’s Wellness Corner.    Your host, Dr. Andy,  explains the problems with food safety.  He also goes into the difficulties of tracking and recalling contaminated food.  Then he outlines steps companies should be taking to make the tracking and recalling food.  While some companies do a great job, others fall short.  The program continues outlining steps you can take to prevent this problem at home.

Afterwards, he goes into the challenges of detecting contaminated food.   In fact, even detecting an outbreak can be difficult.  Why?  There are several reasons.  First, because outbreaks may occur in small pockets.  Second, those pockets may be widespread across the entire country or even the world. Lastly not all food manufacturers use strict batch or lot numbers to easily track or trace food deliveries and purchases.  Furthermore, the same food  may come from different places within the same company.  And lastly the illness may not be tracked down as a food borne illness at the doctor’s office or hospital.

Afterwards he goes into epidemics in America, and the difficulty of tracking and managing them as well.  He then goes into the role of eating well.  And lastly, he details how enzyme nutrition can support a healthy functioning body.  How? By allowing critical nutrients to get past a stressed gut.

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This episode originally aired on 09/29/2016.