Cucumbers Fight Heart Disease Cancer

Cucumbers Fight Heart Disease Cancer

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Cucumbers Fight Heart Disease Cancer:  Learn about some incredible compounds in cucumbers that can help fight heart disease and cancer.  In fact, according to research, these compounds have traits that enable cucumbers to fight diseases like cancer and heart disease.  Additionally, cucumbers are famous for weight loss due to their water, fiber and low calorie content.

Here are the compounds in cucumber and how they fight diseases.

You can find Lignans in veggies such as cabbage and Brussels sprouts. Additionally, research shows that cucumbers also contain them. There 3 lignans in cucumber that fight different cancers.  These include ovarian, prostate and breast cancer. However, they can also improve cardiovascular health.  In fact one study found that these compounds also improve heart health and circulation.  The reason is they reduce vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels.)

Cucurbitacins can hinder growth of cancer cells. In fact, they are so powerful that researchers speculate they may become an anticancer drug in the future.  Did you know some of them can actually fight pancreatic cancer? This study shows that they can kill up to 80 percent of pancreatic cancer cells without any toxicity.  You can also find them in mushrooms and marine mollusks.

In case you’re not convinced yet, here are some other benefits cucumbers offer: They are well known for flushing toxins, improving skin health, reducing heat, enhancing weight loss, and fighting diabetes.  Now how does that sound?  And all you have to do is add some cucumber to your daily diet!

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Cucumbers Fight Heart Disease Cancer
Cucumbers Fight Heart Disease Cancer