Cholesterol debunked

U.S. Finally Agrees, Cholesterol Debunked…

cholesterol debunked - the great cholesterol myth
cholesterol debunked

Cholesterol debunked – finally!  For many years, the link between cholesterol and heart disease has come under international scrutiny. In fact the international community as accepted the fact that there is no link between cholesterol and heart disease for decades. However, until recently the U.S. has strongly supported the false claims that cholesterol is dangerous.

One fundamental problem in the cholesterol myth is the sources of research.  Where does the research come from?  You guessed it!  Major drug companies provided funding for most of the studies implicating cholesterol. However, top researchers from around the world have analyzed this data.  And all of these researchers agree on one thing.  The statistics behind these studies are flawed!

Nevertheless, the National Institute of Health (NIH) still relies on these studies for dietary guidelines.   The NIH continues its stance stating that you should avoid foods high in cholesterol. These foods include many meats as well as certain fruits and vegetables. I though those were healthy! In its place, the NIH recommends a diet high in grains.  Wait, I thought the U.S. Surgeon General advised us to eat more fruits and vegetables.  Unfortunately the NIH’s advice is a huge mistake.

Cholesterol Debunked, The Real Problem…

Internationally, study after study shows diets high in sugars and grains lead to higher instances of heart disease. Doesn’t that sound like the Standard American Diet (SAD)?  Why? Sugars & grains cause an over reaction of the inflammatory process. The increased inflammation causes cholesterol shows up at the “crime scene” to try and repair the damage.  In fact, this is why the American studies blame cholesterol.  It just happens to be present.  Meanwhile they ignore or even promote the real problem of high sugars and grains.

These studies also show that those who eat a diet high in protein, low in carbs; even those who eat eggs, fat and other forms of saturated fats have a lower instance of obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. And of course all of these diseases are on the rise in the U.S.  Meanwhile, the Aboriginal Peoples have a high instance of heart disease and very low cholesterol levels while Switzerland has a low incidence of heart disease and relatively high cholesterol levels.

Lastly, almost all evidence shows no relationship between consumption of dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol.  When you ingest more cholesterol from food, your body produces less. When your cholesterol intake is low, your body makes more.

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