Fats Versus Carbs – The Verdict

Fats Versus Carbs.  Throughout the past three decades the debate between fats and carbs has been a fierce one.  Well, this article attempts to settle that debate once and for all.  Of course we’ll also dispel some common myths about fats.

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Fats versus carbs: the great debate.  It probably comes as no surprise that Americans eat too many carbs.  Even worse, we tend to eat the unhealthiest carbs available.  Those are the simple carbs from flour and sugar.  This idea has actually created a high protein craze among the health-conscious.  Sadly, a high protein diet can also be very dangerous to your health.  Unfortunately, this country has created the false notion that that sugar is the preferred fuel for your body.

In 2015, experts tested the traditional weight loss advice, cutting sugar and exercising more. While subjects did lose weight, they immediately put it all back on with more to spare. Now I’m sure we can all relate to that story, right?  In fact did you know we’re actually supposed to get our energy from fat, not carbs?

US Food Wisdom is Outdated

In case you didn’t realize it, your food choices are preventing you from achieving your goals.  Sadly, conventional weight loss advice is flat out wrong.  As a result, it will not lead to long-term weight loss. In fact, counting calories, eating low-fat fare and exercising more is not the answer. If it were, over two-thirds of the American population would not be overweight.  Additionally, over fifty percent would not have pre-diabetes, diabetes or other chronic illness.  This is why I work with people in a one on one basis.  I help you learn to eat to your genetic strengths.  Then I combine those customized dietary changes with the right enzyme supplements.  These crucial supplements help your body properly digest, absorb and use the vital nutrients from your food.

Common myths about Fats

  1. Eating fat does not make you fat
  2. Saturated fat is good for you.  In fact it does NOT cause heart disease. (see my prior articles)
  3. Reducing saturated fat can actually be a detriment to your health

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Fats Versus Carbs
Fats Versus Carbs – the great debate – fats win.