DAWC 023 Bulged Disc Treatment

Bulged Disc Treatment

Bulged Disc Treatment
Dr. Andy’s Bulged Disc Treatment Methods

Bulged disc Treatment:  In this amazing episode of Dr. Andy’s Wellness corner, your host outlines many case studies regarding bulged discs.  Each of these case studies are actual patients from Dr. Andy’s Clinic, Redmond Ridge Nutrition and Chiropractic.  Obviously, Dr. Andy does not use names.  In fact he even changed some  minor details about the case to maintain patient privacy.

Dr. Andy outlines case by case how the person injured themselves.  Additionally Dr. Andy details his examination procedures for each patient and any images ordered.  He then goes into his treatment plan as well as how the patient responded.  In fact he even talks about some cases where he either had to refer the patient to a surgeon or co-managed the case with a physical therapist or other health care provider.

Then Dr. Andy delves into his overall procedures when dealing with a bulged disc or herniated disc.  These include chiropractic care, home rehabilitation, and enzyme nutrition.  Home rehabilitation includes stretching, strengthening and posture correction exercises.  Meanwhile enzyme nutrition is aimed at helping your body repair damaged tissue from your injury.  Of course Dr. Andy custom selects his chiropractic methods based on each case.  He factors in patient safety, patient comfort level and, of course what will yield effective results.

Lastly he details some injuries that may seem like a bulged disk.  He talks about some common ways to tell the difference.  He also emphasizes that minor back pain can be serious, so it’s important to get examined.

About Dr. Andy

After many years of clinical practice, Dr. Marrone has forged a remarkable career as a practitioner, educator and lecturer. His extensive knowledge of enzyme nutrition has made him a much sought after practitioner. Do you suffer from health problems that nobody seems to have the answer to?  Are you sick and tired of the revolving door approach of modern medicine?  Give Dr. Marrone a call to set up a consultation.

This episode originally aired on 11/10/2016.