Probiotics diversity and health…

Probiotics diversity:  Recent research discovered that our ancestors had more germs living inside them.  Is it possible that this diversity was the key to their health?

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Probiotics diversity: When researchers looked at our ancestors the discovered several key factors about the germs living in and on them.  First, they found a more diverse population of germs.  Additionally, scientists discovered that helpful worms lived inside our ancestors.  In fact, the researcher suggests that these worms were just as helpful as the bacteria.

Now for the bad news…

Unfortunately, the study also shows that many of the helpful germs that lived in the bellies of our ancestors are extinct.  Sadly, bringing them back seems like an impossible task.  Additionally, while the evidence of helpful worms in their GI tract is strong, no one really knows which worms actually lived in side our ancestors.  Researchers only know that they came from a group of parasites called helminths.  As a result, some people now experiment with populating themselves with different types of helminths.  However, the type of worms they use are harmful, not helpful.  Sadly, this can lead to a host of problems.

What you can do Today…

Until researchers find out exactly what worms lived in our ancestors, you should avoid them.  In fact, the worms that lived in our ancestors may even be long extinct.  In the meantime, try to use the right combination of enzymes and probiotic supplements to create a healthy and diverse population in and on your body.  However, please remember these two key points:  First of all, these germs live in more places than your gut.  In fact, they live in your bladder, on your skin, in the birth canal, in the lungs and other locations.

Secondly, your body needs these helpful germs for immune health, behavioral health, mental health, brain health, digestive health and overall health.  In fact, they can even help your body keep allergies and inflammation at bay.   Lastly, it’s important to feed those probiotics with the right kinds of fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables.  We actually have a probiotic restoration system that helps your body repopulate a healthy and diverse population everywhere they should live; not just in the gut.


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Probiotics diversity
Probiotics diversity – the germs inside us work with us