Soft Drinks Increase Heart Disease

Soft Drinks Increase Heart Disease

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Soft Drinks Increase Heart Disease
New Research Shows Soft Drinks Increase Heart Disease

Soft Drinks Increase Heart Disease.  For avid readers of my blog, this should come as no surprise, but let’s get into the research behind it.  According to the CDC, over 20% of all Americans drink at least one soft drink each day.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  That’s harmless, right?  Unfortunately, new research confirms my stance since the beginning of my wellness career.  What is that stance?  Soft drinks increase the risk of heart disease.  As it turns out the culprit can be traced back to an “old friend”.  Which one? High fructose corn syrup, of course.

The Study

The University of California recently published a study revealing why sugary drinks are harmful to your heart.  In this study, four groups drank soft drinks with different percentages of corn syrup.  During the entire study researchers drew blood and measured heart disease risk markers.  At the end of the study they arrived at a startling conclusion.  Even the group that drank the lowest percentage of corn syrup (10%) showed elevated markers for heart disease.  Of course the higher the percentage of corn syrup, the greater the lab values.

What They Learned

What researchers learned should come as no surprise to avid readers of this blog.   They concluded corn syrup sweetened food seriously increased your risk of heart disease. These drinks included soft drinks, bottled juices, sports drinks, coffee-bar drinks, cakes, cookies, and many more.  They also recommended people limit their intake of added sugars in drinks and other foods to lower their heart disease risk.

The American Heart Association reported in an earlier study that soft drinks contributed to about 180,000 deaths yearly from heart disease.  These drinks contribute to a “domino effect” of disease that starts with weight gain.  Then the next “domino” to fall is the development of diabetes, then heart disease.  Even the development, and progression, of cancer has been shown to be directly related to high sugar intake.

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