Chiropractic helps with rheumatoid arthritis

 Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease where the body’s immune system attacks your joints.  The hallmark of disease is chronic inflammation.  Over time, it actually destroys joints, tissues and organs. A recent study published in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research shows how chiropractic care showed outstanding results in a woman with long-term rheumatoid arthritis.

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An elderly old woman went to see a chiropractor after suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for over seven years. She complained of severe joint pain, especially in the hands and fingers. She also complained of swelling in her hands, fingers, knees, toes and feet. Her pain and swelling were so bad that she had difficulties with just getting around.  Every morning she woke up incredibly stiff every morning. In fact, she was taking several strong drugs just to manage her symptoms. She described her pain severe all the time.

The doctor performed an extensive evaluation including posture evaluation, physical exam and x-ray imaging. The treating doctor found subluxations throughout the spine, especially in the upper neck area. X-rays also showed a loss in the curve of the neck.  As a result of this decreased curve,  a forward head shift was another clinical feature.

Research shows that forward head posture can add a significant amount of abnormal stress pulling the entire spine out of alignment.  This can also restrict normal breathing. In fact, this sort of posture problem can cause a loss of 30 percent of vital lung capacity. When this occurs, your body gets less oxygen which can affect your immune system.

Subluxation is the term for problems in the spine that interrupt nerve pathways.  This, in turn affects the organs and systems of the body impacting your overall health. Causes include any type of physical, emotional, or nutritional stress.  This stress affects nerve function, which leads poor immune function, and increased inflammation.

Subluxation causes Swelling

Chronic inflammatory based disease processes are influenced by several systems.  These include the nervous, endocrine and immune systems. In fact, nerve stimulation is essential for the growth, function and control of inflammatory cells. Researchers have noted that abnormal neurological control results in the development of various auto-immune based inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

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