Proper Functioning Nervous System

Doctor Andy’s Wellness Corner
By: Andy Marrone, D.C.
Clinic Director,
Redmond Ridge Chiropractic

In our last issue we talked about the seven pillars of health, and the effects of stress on our overall health and wellness. In this issue we will go over the importance of a properly functioning nervous system and how it relates to wellness.
Our ability to maintain wellness depends on our body’s ability to adapt. Adaptation works like this: Our body senses changes in our body or our environment and sends messages to the brain about those changes. Those messages travel from the body, through the nerves to the spinal cord. From there they travel up the spinal cord to the brain. The brain automatically makes smart decisions about how to react to the situation, and sends orders down the spine and to nerves exiting the spine. Those nerves then branch out many times until they reach every organ tissue and cell in our body. Our body then responds with the correct actions to maintain health and wellness.
When this system works properly, we are happy and healthy. What can happen is stress can cause the bones in our spine, called vertebrae, can get misaligned ever so slightly to put pressure on the nerves. This pressure can prevent communication between the brain and the body blocking your ability to adapt. When your body can’t react to changes in the environment, which will lead to dysfunction and eventually sickness or “dis-ease”. This condition is known as a subluxation. Here are some common questions and answers about subluxations:

What causes subluxations? Stress. Stress has three forms, emotional, chemical and physical.

How are subluxations taken care of? Only a chiropractor is properly trained to analyze, locate and correct subluxations of the spine.

If I am subluxated will I feel pain? Usually not; less than 8% of the nerves in our body deal with pain. The other 92% control the function of your body. If you are subluxated, there is a good chance there will be no pain.

How do I know if I’m subluxated? How do you know what your cholesterol level is? Specific testing is needed by a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic