Probiotics – More isn’t better


more isn’t better

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Probiotics may not be the answer.

Probiotics – more isn’t better.  By now I’m sure pretty much everyone out there has seen a commercial for probiotics.  Some even tout they contain more strains than others.  While modern medicine’s official stance is that probiotics don’t help with anything, many drug companies are selling them as supplements.  Additionally, many M.D.’s are also recommending them.  Those are pretty strong actions for a product they state doesn’t work.  However, in this article I’ll teach you when probiotics are and aren’t appropriate and how to select the right ones.

In fact, when dealing with this supplement more really isn’t better.  Each bacteria in your small intestine has a specific job.  So it’s important to make sure you buy a supplement it has bacteria to do each job.  If the product can’t cover each role, then yes, you’re missing out.  However, many products contain too many varieties.  This can be problematic because they can compete to do the same job, causing more harm than good.

Our Approach

As a matter of fact I try not to use probiotics in my office unless absolutely necessary.  And when they are necessary I use a high quality probiotic/enzyme combination.  This supplement only contains six strains of bacteria.  And each one has it’s own unique job.

So I know what you’re thinking, if they’re so popular why do I try to avoid using them?  These bacteria live in the lining in your small intestine.  In fact they’re supposed to be there already.  So if they’re not, it means that the environment in your gut isn’t healthy.  And if it’s not healthy, it can’t support a healthy population of bacteria.  So my goal is to support a healthy environment in the small intestine.  Then, if I have to “kick start” the population with probiotics I will.  But if I got your gut’s environment right you won’t have to keep taking them.

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