Probiotics – The Germs in your Gut Explained

Probiotics – how the germs in your gut work.  By the way, it’s bad news for germ-o-phobes.

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With rising popularity of probiotics in our culture, I think it’s important to explain what they are, and exactly what they do.  It’s also important to clarify how they develop and where’ they’re located.  The next series of articles will focus on these and other facets of the amazing bacteria living in our body.  Topics will include how being a “germ-o-phobe”, formula infant milk and even the cesarean section can be detrimental to the vital population of helpful bacteria in your body.

Let’s start with what probiotics are and where they live.  Probiotics are helpful bacteria that provide several vital functions.  In fact they aide in digestion, immune function, and they help keep a healthy mucous lining.

Where They’re Located

Most people think these valuable little creatures only dwell in the digestive tract.  However, many fail to understand that probiotics live in EVERY MUCOUS TISSUE IN THE BODY.  In fact, these locations include the GI tract, the nasal cavity, the lungs, and the female reproductive system.

So then why only add probiotics to the digestive system?  Actually, there are two answers.  First, because about 70-80% of the good bacteria in your body dwells in your gut. So by populating the gut you support the majority of good bacteria in your body.  However, there is another reason.  The only way to get probiotics in the system is through the gut.  So even if you need to help the lungs, the only way to do that is with a digestive probiotic.

Each microbe as a specific job

Because each microbe in your body has a specific job, it’s important to know which ones you’re deficient in.  This is why before we put anyone on a generic probiotic, we perform scientific testing based on sound medical principals.  This way we can determine exactly how your body is deficient and provide the right enzymes and/or probiotics to help your body work properly.  In fact I use five different probiotics in my office depending on the patient’s test results.

Now that I’ve given you an overview, future articles will zoom in on different aspects of your microbiome.  This includes who they develop as an infant, how to populate them, their job and why being a “germ-o-phobe” can be a detriment to your health.

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