Probiotic Roadmap, your body knows

Probiotic Roadmap:  Ever wonder how your body knows what probiotics should be there?  Or how where each population should live?  Well, the human body is an amazing thing.  In fact, did you know your own body stores a road map of which germs you should have and where they should live?

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Probiotic Roadmap

That’s right, your body contains a complete germ guide.  This guide holds valuable information about the probiotics that should live inside of you.  It also tells your body where they should live.  These probiotics are crucial for digestive health, immune health, healthy genetic expression, and much much more.  As a result, your body requires a delicate balance of the right germs in the right amount in the right places.  In fact, the medical community deems some of these germs as infectious.  However, these bacteria only pose a problem if they are too abundant, or end up in the wrong area of your body.

So, where exactly does your body store this map?  Well, your body stores this valuable information in a part of your large intestine called the cecum.  Your body also stores part of the map in your appendix.  If doctors removed your appendix, you are missing some or all of that map.  Not only is your appendix gone, but the appendix attaches to the cecum.  As a result, you now have a scarred cecum.  Sadly, this scar tissue disrupts your probiotic map.  However, there are other factors that can affect this map.  Before I delve into that, I should state that appendicitis is a life-threatening problem.  So, I’m not criticizing anyone for removing their appendix.  Additionally, chronic digestive problems, taking strong antibiotics for an extended period of time, and even certain auto-immune diseases effect your germ map.

How to Restore the Probiotic Roadmap

If you live with a compromised probiotic roadmap, here are some things that you can do to help.  First of all, probiotics feed on fiber.  Before I continue, I need to remind you that healthy fiber comes from fresh fruits and vegetables, NOT WHOLE GRAINSIn fact, whole grains are actually harmful to the beneficial germs in your body.  The right enzymes can help your body repair the lining of the cecum properly.  When your body repairs this lining, it may restore your germ map.  If you’ve been taking antibiotics, once you’re finished, the right enzymes can your body detoxify itself properly.  This may also help your body restore the map.

Other ways to tell

If you suffer from chronic respiratory problems, yeast infections, or suffer from a weakened immune system, these are signs your probiotic population isn’t healthy.  Other signs include chronic digestive problems, allergies, asthma and even liver or kidney problems.  In each of these cases, the right enzymes can help your body work properly.  Of course, a body that works right won’t exhibit these problems.

Would you like to know more?

Do you have health issues?  Would you like someone to help you identify and address the real source of stress?  Does this sound better than treating symptoms or using the wrong outcome measurements?  If so, contact us and set up a consultation or call us at 425-868-0120.  I will personally sit down with you and talk about your suffering and how it affects your life.  I will even do some preliminary testing as well as Bio Impedance Analysis, which is trusted by both NASA and Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  This will help me determine if you are a good candidate for care.  If you’re not, we’ll make every effort to provide the proper referral.


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The Probiotic Roadmap
The Probiotic Roadmap in your Cecum and Appendix


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