Drug Advertising on TV

The Dangerous fallout of Drug Advertising

Research from The American Chiropractor, May 2008

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Television Drug Advertising
Drug Advertising is a plague in America

Prescription drug advertising is a  real problem in our country and is growing at an alarming rate.  Since the dawn of the 21st century prescription drug is a huge epidemic. According to the USA Today, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and the Harvard School of Public Health a survey of 1,695 individuals taken in January of 2008:
• One third of Americans were prompted to ask their doctor about a drug they had seen advertised.
• The doctors wrote a prescription for an alarming 82% of them. Health care facilities gave 44% the drug they asked for.  Meanwhile and the remainder received a prescription for a similar drug from the doctor.  Although a third of them had an over-the-counter drug recommended for them.

These figures show an increase in patient requests for prescription drugs from 2005.  In 2005, an increasing number of physicians, 75%, were granting patient requests for prescription drugs they saw on TV.  The president of the Kaiser Foundation stated the survey shows that advertising of drugs is very effective. Substantiating this view is the fact that drug companies spent a whopping 4.8 billion dollars for advertising in 2006.  This is a huge increase when compared to $2.6 billion in 2002. Additionally, the study found that Americans are evenly divided on their opinion of the pharmaceutical industry:
• 47% of them had a favorable impression of drug companies
• 44% of them had an unfavorable view, citing high prices and large profits, as well as corporate greed as the basis for their opinion.

What Happened?

Extensive advertising of prescription drugs began in 1997 after the pharmaceutical industry spent an unspecified amount of money for four years (1994 to 1997).  This money was used to encourage congress to “modernize the Food and Drug Administration.” Before this law was passed, in order to advertise a prescription drug on television, the company had to list the entire content of the Physicians Desk Reference for each drug advertised by law.

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