Pain Killers can be deadly…

Pain killers can be Deadly…

Use of pain killers may be a bigger problem than MisUse…

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Pain Killers can be deadly
Pain Killers

Prescription pain killers cause nearly 30,000 overdose deaths a year.  Did you know that Prince was one recent victim?   It turns out that overdoses are not the biggest danger of opioids.  A major new study finds these drugs can kill people in their sleep.  How?  By causing heart problems.

The study suggests even more people die from other reasons related to the drugs than by overdoses.   The scientists found that much of the death risk came during sleep. The drugs can slow your breathing.  This causes heart rhythm problems, heart attacks, or sudden death.

The study also shows that these drugs were intended for short term use.  Unfortunately, most people take them for long term pain management.   Other research shows the drugs don’t even work for the very conditions for which they are most often prescribed. This includes chronic back and arthritis pain. If you have a car accident or some other major trauma, perhaps opioid painkillers are appropriate. But doctors prescribe these drugs for long-term pain 90 % of the time. There is no evidence they are effective when taken for months or years.

The Real Problem

Taking pain medication essentially covers up the symptom of an underlying problem. There may be a time and place for that.  Let’s say you’re driving in your car.  The check engine light comes on. Taking pain killers is like disabling the light.  If this happened in your car you’d fix the car.  Yet in health many people choose to disconnect the check engine light.

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