How Autopsies Proved the Miracles of Chiropractic

Patients Who Receive Regular Chiropractic Care are Healthier –

The experience of many patients who receive chiropractic adjustments is that with regular chiropractic treatment they feel healthier, don’t get ‘sick’ as often, and certain body ‘ills’ tend to improve without drugs or other medical intervention. How does this occur if chiropractic simply moves bones and reduces joint inflammation? The answer was discovered almost 100 years ago.

Back in 1921, a medical doctor, Henry Winsor, set about to understand if, in fact, there was a correlation between certain areas of the spine having misalignments (the official term is subluxations) and malfunction of organs.

Dr Winsor hailed from Haverford, Pennsylvania and he posed the following question: “Chiropractors claim that by adjusting one vertebra [bone of the spine], they can relieve stomach troubles and ulcers; by adjusting another, menstrual cramps; and by adjusting other parts of the spine conditions such as kidney diseases, constipation, heart disease, thyroid conditions, and lung disease may resolve – but how?”

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Winsor was inspired by chiropractic and osteopathic literature to experiment with these concepts. He planned to dissect human and animal cadavers to see if there was a relationship between any diseased internal organs and the vertebrae (bones of the spine) associated with the nerves that traveled to those organs.

As he wrote: “The object of these necropsies [dissections] was to determine whether any connection existed between curvatures of the spine (vertebra misalignments), and diseased organs; or whether the two were entirely independent of each other.”