Medications and Health Risks

Medications, Interactions and Baby Boomers

medications and their interactions
medications and interactions

The number of medications Baby Boomers take is increasing at an alarming rate; according to a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published in March.  Did you know the number of Baby Boomers taking at least 5 prescription medications is up to 35%? The article goes on to state that over half of this population is at serious risk of adverse side effects.  Why?  Primarily because the interaction of these medications is largely unknown.

In this study the authors of JAMA came to a startling conclusion.   What was it?  That healthcare professionals really need to consider the adverse effects of common medication combinations.  This includes both prescription and over the counter varieties.  While the risk in the elderly is much greater, it is really important with all patients.   It is equally important to educate patients about these risks.  In a related commentary, Michael A. Steinman, MD, of the University of California, San Francisco made some comments on this epidemic.  He stated a strong need for systems to monitor medication use, side effects and interactions.  And not just for prescription medications, but OTC medications as well.

It Took a Newspaper to do the Research…

The Chicago Tribune recognized this problem and went on an independent data mining operation. The purpose was to search FDA and Hospital archives for adverse drug interactions reported by patients. The team then used 380,000 hospital patient files to confirm which drug pairs were associated with an increased risk. They then consulted Columbia cellular researchers, who tested some of these combinations on individual cells. The tests found that combinations of certain antibiotics, and lansoprazole (Prevacid) blocked electrical channels vital to heart function.  Prevacid, of course,  is a well known and popular a heartburn medication. There was however, one fundamental problem with this project.  It only looked at combinations of two drugs.  What happens if you’re on 3-5 drugs, like the average American?

It is unclear how many people in the U.S. die each year of drug interactions, but researchers estimate tens of thousands end up in the hospital each year. What’s worse is these risks are escalating. Alarmingly about 1 in 5 Americans take 3 or more prescription drugs every day.  Sadly, the dangers of these interactions are grossly under researched.

The Natural Approach

If you have concerns about the medications you’re taking, you need to talk with your prescribing doctor.  However, would you like a safe, effective natural approach to promoting health?  If so, don’t wait.  Give us a call and set up a consultation. We will take the time to sit down and talk with you about your suffering. We will even do some preliminary testing.  If necessary we will schedule a thorough exam and any necessary imaging.


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