DAWC 035 High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension and Vascular Health

High Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure can be deadly

This episode of Dr. Andy’s Wellness Corner is about high blood pressure.  Additionally, Dr. Andy will go into the importance of vascular health and other risks from this common disease.  Of course, Dr. Andy starts by defining the disease.  And then your host covers its prevalence not only in the U.S. but in Washington state as well.  He also gets into what this common disease costs Americans annually as well its serious complications.  He also goes into risk groups, how it’s measured and common treatments.  Lastly he covers both the popular natural approaches to healthy vascular function and, of course, the enzyme nutrition approach.

High blood pressure is known as hypertension.  The most common way to measure it is using a cuff.  There are, however, several other ways to measure it.  Additionally, one high reading is not enough to diagnose a patient with hypertension or high blood pressure.  In this program, Dr. Andy will also reveal some startling new research showing how high blood pressure can lead to some pretty surprising complications.  There are of course some predictable complications as well.  Your host goes into both of them siting appropriate research along the way.

Then Dr. Andy goes into  common medications as well as their side effects.  He also goes common natural ways of supporting healthy vascular functions.  Lastly, of course he delves into the enzyme nutrition approach to support  properly working heart and vascular systems.

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This episode originally aired on 03/02/2017.