Eight Truths about Chiropractic

Eight Truths about Chiropractic

Eight must know principles regarding your health and wellness

Chiropractic understands…

Truth 1 – Chiropractic understands you are self-healing and self-regulating due to an inborn wisdom (Innate Intelligence).

Truth 2 – All communication in your body is controlled and coordinated by the Central Nervous System (CNS – brain and spinal cord).

Truth 3 – Your CNS communicates with your body via Spinal Nerves.

Truth 4 – Your CNS is surrounded by hard bone (skull and vertebrae) and when in proper alignment protects your CNS and Spinal Nerves.

Truth 5 – You experience three kinds of stress in life (Emotional, Chemical and Physical) that cause “Vertebral Subluxations”.

Truth 6 -Your body’s healing potential or expression of life is interfered with by vertebral subluxations.

Truth 7 – The only way to have 100% life expression and better nervous system communication is to detect and correct vertebral subluxations through Chiropractic exams and Spinal Adjustments.

Truth 8 – You will subluxate on a regular basis and thus need to have your spine checked on a regular basis (and adjusted as necessary) to maximize your health potential.

Why?  Because there are three main causes to subluxation – emotional, mechanical and nutritional stress.  According to Hans Selye, your body responds to ALL forms of stress, real or perceived the same way.