Fried Potatoes – eating them increases the risk of death

Eating Fried Potatoes comes with the increased risk of death.  According to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, those who eat fried potatoes on a regular basis do not live as long.  In fact, scientists published the study just this year (2017).

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Fried Potatoes: In the study, there were several test groups.  These groups were divided by how often the subjects ate fried potatoes.  In addition, experts created two control groups.  One control group ate zero potatoes while the other ate potatoes, but not fried potatoes.  The study involved over 4000 participants.  When scientists analyzed the data, here’s what they discovered.  Participants who ate fried potatoes twice a week or more were at the highest increased risk of mortality.  However, subjects who consumed unfried potatoes were not at risk.  The study concludes that eating fried potatoes on a regular basis does seem to shorten your life.

What you put into your body plays such a crucial role in your health.  But it’s also important to take a step back and look at not only what we eat, but how we prepare our food.  Too often I see people eating food that would be healthy, if only they prepared it in a healthy manner.  I’ll never forget I was at a nutritional conference one year.  One of the participants had announced they just started their paleo diet.

The funny part is, once they announced their “conversion” to paleo, they proceeded to open up an eat a bag of potato chips.  As someone who used to teach the paleo diet at several colleges, I can tell you there’s nothing paleo about potato chips.

There’s no one Diet

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link to the research from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


Fried potatoes shorten your life.
Stay with fresh fruits and veggies. Fried potatoes shorten your life.