Digestion Chronic Pain

Digestion Chronic Pain. According to the National Institute of Health, about 5 million Americans suffer from chronic pain and Fibromyalgia each year.  In addition, many health care providers use these terms as a catch when a condition doesn’t fit the symptoms.  Sadly, no one really knows why or what causes it.  However, new research shows a strong link between digestive health and chronic pain.

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The Medical Approach of Drugs

Digestion Chronic Pain.  And while there is medication out there, the most recent research proves it doesn’t work at all.   Furthermore, in 2013 the National Pain Foundation conducted a study on fibromyalgia medication.  According to this break through research, over two-thirds of fibromyalgia patients said their medication didn’t work at all.  And sadly, this medication is only for symptoms relief.  To make matters worse, the pain is often comes with other problems.  Many sufferers of chronic pain also suffer from fatigue, joint pain, poor digestion, sleeplessness, depression, and “brain fog” or the inability to concentrate or focus.

Despite this, in 2012, researchers from Johns Hopkins University estimated the cost of chronic pain as $635 billion annually.  That’s about as much as the combined cost of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. In Europe, estimates suggest that chronic pain conditions subtract 3% right off the top of their gross domestic product.

One of the most interesting aspects of chronic pain is its link to digestion. In fact, researchers are accumulating loads of evidence.  This new evidence suggests that certain forms of pain are the result of signals emitted by your gut when it’s not healthy.  In Cambridge, Emeran Mayer, is presenting results that suggest digestive influence. Emeran is from the University of California Los Angeles.

There is strong evidence showing the communication between the gut and your body is two way.  In fact, researchers refer to it as the gut brain axis, or the enteric nervous system. (see my prior articles). The autonomic nervous system, which regulates the activity your gut and other organs, sends out signals.  These signals affect your digestion, altering its activity. Then your gut talks back to your body in return.  When the gut is stressed, it affects this communication.  This, in turn, can lead to chronic pain.

The Key to Gut Health…

What most people fail to realize is that your digestive health can be the key to your chronic pain.  If your gut isn’t working properly, it can lead to a condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome.  This in turn can lead to a whole host of symptoms including fatigue, joint pain, poor digestion, sleeplessness, depression, and “brain fog” or the inability to concentrate or focus.  When these symptoms last long enough, the most common medical diagnosis is fibromyalgia.   And while I don’t diagnose or treat any disease (including fibromyalgia), I can help support healthy digestion.  And of course this, in turn, prevents leaky gut.

Are you concerned about digestive health? Do you suffer from chronic pain, muscle discomfort, fatigue, depression and brain fog? Are you missing out on work family or fun? If so, you can contact us one of several ways to set up a consultation. You can reach us on the web, stop by our office in Redmond, WA, or call us at 425-868-0120. Then I will personally sit down with you and talk about your suffering and how it affects your life. I will even do some preliminary testing as well as Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA). In fact did you know that both NASA and Cancer Treatment Centers of America rely on BIA? These tests help me determine if you are a good candidate for care. If you’re not, we’ll make every effort to provide the proper referral.


After many years of clinical practice, Dr. Marrone has forged a remarkable career as a practitioner, educator and lecturer.  His extensive knowledge of functional enzyme nutrition has made him a much sought after practitioner.  If you are suffering from health problems that nobody seems to have the answer to, or are sick and tired of the revolving door approach of modern medicine, give Dr. Marrone a call to set up a consultation.

digestion chronic pain 07/17/2017


Digestion Chronic Pain
Digestion Chronic Pain – “leaky gut”