DAWC 015 Problems with Prescription Drugs

Problems with Prescription Drugs

Problems with Prescription Drugs
There are many hidden Problems with Prescription Drugs

Learn about the many problems with prescription drugs.   In this edition of Dr. Andy’s Wellness Corner he delves into the world of prescription drugs.  Learn what shortcuts drug companies are taking to get drugs to market faster.  Discover who the FDA is aware of this and allows it anyway.  Learn about the hidden risks behind medications.  Uncover the real reason new drugs come out to replace the old ones.  In many cases, these newer versions are no better.  Some are even worse or have more serious side effects.

Later in the program Dr. Andy exposes the deceptive statistics used to “prove” the effectiveness of these medications.  He also reveals how drug manufacturers profit from changing a drug’s status from prescription to over the counter.  You will discover the tricks prescription drugs use to accomplish this and profit from it.

The Real Problems with Prescription Drugs

Lastly he reveals that certain medications taken long term can have very serious consequences.  Some can even be fatal.  Others even can kill you in your sleep.  Unfortunately there is so much corporate pressure to bring these drugs to market quickly.  This means researchers rarely have time to study the long term effects of these medications.

What’s worse is many times the dangers of these medications are understood by drug makers.  Unfortunately medication companies often cover up these hazardous ill effects.

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This episode originally aired on 09/15/2016.