DAWC 013 Your Gut is the Second brain

Your Gut is the Second Brain

Your Gut is the Second brain
Learn how Your Gut is the Second brain

Your gut is the second brain.  In this edition of Dr. Andy’s Wellness Corner learn about some amazing new research regarding your gut.  This breakthrough information finally proves that your gut is actually a second brain.  In fact it actually has outgoing nerves that can control other tissues.  It can also has just as many if not more neurons than the spinal cord.  In case you weren’t aware, neurons are basically nerve cells.

Dr. Andy also details the importance of gut health to support healthy brain function.  In fact several neurotransmitters are converted to their active form in the digestive tract.  These vital chemicals are crucial to brain health, movement, and even mood.  And, of course, your digestive health has a powerful influence over all of these important functions and chemicals.  As a result, supporting healthy digestive function can in turn support healthy function of just about any part of the body as well as mood.

Dr. Andy will go into the importance of this break through discovery.  He will go over common supplements used to support gut health, and the real key to supporting healthy digestive function.  He then outlines the link between digestive health and brain health.  Then he reviews several key research studies showing how digestive health supports healthy mood and brain function.

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This episode originally aired on 08/29/2016.