DAWC 012 History of Vaccinations

History of Vaccinations

history of vaccinations
Learn about the history of vaccinations

In this edition of Dr. Andy’s Wellness Corner, our host delves into the history of vaccinations.  In fact did you know there used to be two types of vaccinations?  Dr. Andy goes into the history of each one.  Most importantly, he will go into the legal history of vaccinations and how certain industries have tried to control vaccination types and who can perform them.  He will also go over the history of mandatory and voluntary ones.  He will also go through when each vaccine was developed.  Perhaps the most surprising bit is some diseases were nonexistent by the time a vaccine came out.  And yet these vaccines still get credit for eliminating these diseases.  Conversely, the same claims were made about other inoculations even though they must have contributed to the disease’s demise.

Lastly, Dr. Andy goes into the risks and side effects of many common vaccines.  And of course all of this information is based on research.  He will also teach you how to judge if a vaccine is right for you and your family.  Additionally, he will guide you through what questions to ask and what research to do before getting a vaccine.  And while he does give his opinion, he is clear about what is opinion and what is research based.  And he gives both sides of the story in an honest and unbiased way.

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This episode originally aired on 08/15/2016.