Chiropractic and Higher Grades

Chiropractic and Higher Grades:

Report of State Supervisor of Chiropractors of Kentucky In Connection With Kentucky Houses of Reform, Greendale, Kentucky, Marshall L.T., Lexington,  Kentucky (December 1, 1931).

This little known report documents chiropractic success in a Kentucky Reform School. boys were placed under chiropractic  care. The Report is largely made up of cases histories of all the 244 boys many of whom undoubtedly suffered from various emotional and learning disorders. The success of chiropractic care is admirable.

From the summary:

  1. Number of boys given chiropractic adjustments…244.
  2. Number of cases dismissed completely recovered or greatly benefited, 155
  3. Of the 244 cases 89 are still under treatment
  4. Number of cases promoted in school grades 54
  5. Number of cases paroled 144.
  6. Number of boys at Greendale (Kentucky Houses of Reform) at beginning of chiropractic program (September 3, 1930) approximately 540.
  7. Number of boys at Greendale Dec. 1st, 1931 approximately 335