Work Injuries and L&I:  Did you suffer an injury at work?  Does it affect your ability to work, sleep, or play?  Does it interfere with your family life, household chores or the things you love to do?  You’re not alone.  Learn how we can help you recover from your injuries so you can get back to work, family and play as quickly as possible.

Work Injuries: Everyone hates when they are “laid up” from work.  Especially when work caused it.  In fact some people even feel bad about reporting it.  In some cases your employer puts pressure on you not to report it.  It’s important to remember that your employer pays for insurance as part of their taxes.  And if you really did suffer a work injury, you have the right to seek treatment.  It’s also important to realize that your employer cannot hold this against you.  And at our office we will go to bat for you.

We use top-of-the-line digital equipment for a complete and accurate measurement of your condition. We continuously document your progress during treatment to ensure we accurately represent your injuries.

Our Comprehensive Approach

When you come into our office we will do a thorough examination.  This includes muscular, skeletal, neurological and orthopedic testing.  If needed we will order x-rays or MRI’s to better understand the extent of your injuries.  Then we will customize a treatment plan designed to help you recover as quickly as possible.  In fact we can provide a variety of services.  Care ranges from specific chiropractic corrections, and traction.  If needed, we may add massage therapy, trigger point, and/or home exercise instruction.  In fact we can even vary our chiropractic care based on patient safety, comfort and needs.  Because we have a wide range of tools in our tool box, we can customize our care for you.  In fact we will even work with other providers if necessary.

A promise to our patients

If you decide to call us, you will receive direct, personal attention in an unrushed atmosphere at Redmond Ridge Nutrition & Chiropractic. We are completely dedicated to helping our patients return to the activities and quality of life you’re missing.

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Work Injuries
Work Injuries are frustrating

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