What is Chiropractic?  The word Chiropractic comes from two Greek words.  The first word, “Chiro” comes from the Greek word “Kheir”.  Kheir means “hand”.  The second word, “practic”, comes from the Greek word “pracktikos”, which means practice.  The Greek would then read “Kheirpracktikos”, meaning practice by hand, or a hands on method of healing.  In a way, it is kind of an obsolete term, as chiropractic today can be performed by hand or with a wide variety of instruments.  We accomplish this by realigning the bones of the spine so your body works better.

What is Chiropractic and Why is this important?

Every organ, system, tissue, cell and function in your body is controlled in some way by the brain and nervous system.  Our body sends crucial information to the brain about our environment, and or brain sends commands down to our body.  These vital instructions tell our body how to adapt to our ever changing environment.

But what if there was interference in that communication?  When that happens there can be two problems.  First, the brain doesn’t receive the information and therefore can’t react to it.  Second, the brain sends commands to the body but they never arrive.  In either case, the body cannot adapt resulting in dysfunction.

Subluxation – what is it and how can it affect your health?

In chiropractic, we have a term for this interference.  It is called a subluxation.  Simply put, a subluxation is when a spinal bone is out of place enough to put pressure on a nerve.  This blocks communication between the brain and the body hindering adaptation.  This pressure can be direct (from the bone itself), or indirect (where the bone pulls soft tissue, which puts pressure on the nerves).  The pressure can be very light.  About the weight of a dime is enough to reduce nerve communication by up to 70%.

Subluxations don’t always hurt.  In fact, most of the time they don’t cause any pain at all.  Why?  Because less than 8% of the nerves in your body carry pain information.  What do the other 92% of the nerves do?  They control every organ, tissue, cell, system and function in your body.  While chiropractic can help people with pain, its main purpose is to promote healthy communication between the brain and the body for health, wellness and longevity.  The purpose of chiropractic is to add years to life and life to years.

What is Chiropractic?  It goes well beyond pain relief.
What is Chiropractic? It goes well beyond pain relief.

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