Children and Probiotics

Children and Probiotics: It seems that many adults are taking a probiotic these days.  In fact, I would venture to say that probiotics are probably one of the best selling supplements.  However, many do not realize that some children may need  probiotics as well.  This article will attempt to explain why.

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Children and Probiotics

In order to explain why some children may need probiotics, I must first explain how the bacteria grow in a newborn.  Baby’s first exposure to bacteria happens in the birth canal.  Additionally, babies are born face down.  This means they are facing mother’s back side.  This ends up being their second dose of bacterial flora.  In fact, this jump starts the growth of beneficial bacteria in infants.  In fact, do you remember last week’s article when I stated there are probiotics in the gi tract, on the skin, in the bladder, reproductive organs and even the lungs?

An infant’s second exposure to probiotics is during breast feeding.  Actually, there are two sources during breast feeding.  First of all, the baby gets bacteria when their mouth contacts mom’s skin.  Meanwhile, the actual breast milk provides yet another source.  The final exposure comes from their environment.  In fact, there’s a reason many infants put everything in their mouth.  They’re growing their helpful bacterial population.

Things that hinder bacteria growth

Here are some problems that hinder the growth of probiotics.  A surgical birth (C-section) completely bypasses the birth canal.  In fact, it also bypasses and mom’s back side.  You see there are beneficial bacteria both places.  The germs in these locations jump start growth inside your newborn child.  With a surgical delivery, your baby never receives a dose of these helpful germs.  Using formula, or even bottle-feeding breast milk can also have an adverse effect.  Additionally, too sterile environment also limits exposure.  Use of antibacterial soaps actually kills off beneficial bacteria.  In fact, antibacterial soaps contain a highly cancerous chemical.  As a result, three states have completely banned their use.   Lastly, antibiotics will also kill the helpful germs in anyone.  While necessary, I always recommend a strong dose of probiotics during and after a course of antibiotics.

So, I think I can imagine what you’re thinking.  So what?  What exactly are the consequences to this?  In addition to digestive health, study after study shows that infants with a healthy probiotic population have many health benefits.  First of all, they are much less likely to develop behavioral problems when they get older.  These problems include ADHD, OCD, anxiety, depression, autism and much much more.  When they reach middle to old ages, they are also much less likely to be obese, develop diabetes, heart disease and many other life-shortening conditions.

Some Advice

If you’ve been paying attention, these simple tips can go a long way to help.  If you’re expecting, a vaginal birth is best.  Additionally, breast feeding is also preferred as well.  In fact, I recommend contacting the La Leche League for more advice.  Let your kids play in the dirt.  Keep them clean, but not too clean.  Kids with pets also have a healthy base of germs.  Lastly, avoid the use of antibacterial soap.

Each microbe as a specific job

Because each microbe in your body has a specific job, it’s important to know which ones you’re deficient in.  This is why before we put anyone on a generic probiotic, we perform scientific testing based on sound medical principals.  This way we can determine exactly how your body is deficient and provide the right enzymes and/or probiotics to help your body work properly.  In fact, I use five different probiotics in my office depending on the patient’s test results.

children and probiotics
Children and Probiotics – healthy germs reduce learning and behavior problems







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