Cereal is Killing our Children

Cereal is Killing our Children

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Cereal is killing our children
Yes it’s true. Cereal is killing our children.

Cereal is killing our children.  Why does country tend to blame fat for obesity and heart disease?  If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you already know the real enemy.  What is it?  Of course it’s simple sugars.  Once our body uses these nonfat carbohydrates, they raise our insulin and leptin levels.   As a result, reducing fats and increasing carbs actually increases your risk of obesity, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.  These harmful sugars can also severely affect your neurological and immune health.

The Sugar Problem Uncovered

Stanton Glantz, Ph.D was the individual who exposed the sugar industry sponsored program.  He discovered biased research designed to cover up the hazards of sugar.  At the same time, this research was also used to blame fat as the bad health “criminal”. In fact, according to Glantz:  “It was a very smart thing the sugar industry did.  Especially since review papers tend to shape the overall scientific discussion.”

A Major Cereal Company Gets Involved

 To further the spread of this myth, the Kellogg Company used the Breakfast Council to publish a paper.  This misleading paper was supposed to contain the essentials for a a quality breakfast.  However the writers omitted a line from the publication before print.  What was this line?  Cereal contained way too much sugar.  But for a mere $13,000 these industry experts were kept quiet about cereals.  This agreement also forbade them to produce any content negative to the cereal industry.

Create a Diet Designed for YOUR genetic strengths

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