Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat

Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat.  A while ago I wrote an article about how diet soft drinks cause sugar cravings.  Sadly, these cravings increase body fat.  However, did you know that any artificial sweetener can make you fatter?  As Americans try and turn to healthier food choices, it becomes crucial to read the research and become a smart consumer.

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Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat.  So, I think I can guess what you’re thinking.  How do artificial sweeteners actually make you fat?  Well, that’s great question.  Before I answer this important question, allow me to delve into the research.  This more recent research comes from the annual Experimental Biology conference in San Diego.  Sadly, this excess fat leads to many life-shortening illnesses.  These maladies include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer and more.

Most recently, animal research presented at the annual Experimental Biology conference in San Diego again confirmed that artificial sweeteners raise your risk of obesity and diabetes.  Sadly, there are two crucial reasons these toxic sweeteners cause you to gain more fat.  First, these sweeteners actually create sugar cravings.  Why?  When you eat or drink artificial sweeteners, you basically told your brain that you’re giving it sugar.  But guess what?  You didn’t give your body sugar.  Eventually your brain figures this out and starts to crave sugar more than before.  As a result, you will likely eat some sugar, which will cause weight gain.

However, there’s another reason.  Would it surprise you if I told you that the artificial sweetener itself causes weight gain?  How?  Well it causes the same end result as eating sugar.  The only difference is that it goes down a different pathway to get there.  Here is just one citation as to the continually mounting evidence.  However, there’s tons more research out there.  Without going into the technical mumbo jumbo, basically, artificial sweeteners trick your brain and body into storing fat.

What’s worse, is that artificial sweeteners also destroy your gut microbiome.  Research also suggests this microbiome can help you maintain healthy body mass.  Of course, if you have healthy body mass, you won’t have excess fat.

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Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat
Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat